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Web development

Good online presence naturally starts with a good website. A responsive website that works on a computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone. A website that brims with user-friendliness, ensuring (potential) customers can navigate their way around. A website aimed at conversion, at convincing the customer to choose you.

OMCollective doesn't design these websites itself. We adhere to the principle: ‘Stick to what you know'! In other words, we rely on the expertise of a web development partner. And they can design this sort of website for you.

Is your company an SME?

For SMEs, Digistreet offers a comprehensive solution. This website automates your entire online campaign, starting from a beautiful website. You connect your social media to start spreading your news in full-automatic mode. Digistreet is also a smart website, and will activate you to periodically communicate with your customers in a targeted way.

Or are you a medium- to large-sized company?

Thanks to their expertise in several Content Management Systems, they can assist you in setting up a customised website. They support several processes on platforms like Sitecore, Wordpress, Joomla, Adobe, Drupal etc.

They know better than anyone what is involved in setting up a comprehensive development process:

  • researching and improving the customer experience
  • working together in an agile Scrum or Kanban team
  • performing an in-depth business and functional analysis
  • designing the user experience
  • integrating with back-office systems
  • implementing, testing & deploying
  • setting up segmentation, personalisation, a/b-testing & in-depth tracking
  • etcetera

What can we do for you?

Are you looking for support in each of these areas, and do you wish to connect with the appropriate partners to get your digital campaign off to a good start and achieve success? Please feel free to get in touch!

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