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Social Media Strategy

Over the past few years, social media have become increasingly important for companies; they are now regarded as fully fledged marketing channels.

Social media are not only used for pictures of cats! Facebook has now become the internet start page for many users.

But there is a lot more besides Facebook. There is also Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Whatsapp and even the older social media such as blogs. Aside from these, there are also video sharing websites, primarily YouTube, and the professional network LinkedIn.

How do you deal with these? That is a big question for many companies, especially as it is incredibly hard to keep up with the latest trends.

And how can ensure that you are visible on these networks, via your website?

Marketing strategy on social media networks

How do you modify your marketing strategy to social networks? Do you use it just for customer contact or would you like to achieve more and integrate it within your overall marketing plan? And how do you use Facebook or LinkedIn to approach existing customers?

This is all part of the marketing plan. How can you expand the scope of social media channels? Should you do this in an organic manner or use paid posts or Promoted Posts?

Technical optimisation of social media networks

You can influence the look of the various types of link on social media channels. For some websites, you only see a small link, but other links are elaborated with images and a small summary of the page.

This must be built into the website before it appears in full. These are components that link into SEO and Content marketing.

You need different tags for Facebook and Twitter, and different tags again for Pinterest and Instagram. How do you build this up efficiently?

For a good social media strategy, it is also important to know how your content marketing strategy works. These link into many elements, such as disseminating content and sharing the right content.

What can OMCollective do for you?

In combination with your content marketing strategy, we can work on setting up the overall strategy and ensuring that everything is traceable. We can also include social channels in the attribution model in order to see where and how the social media networks fit into your marketing plan and how they need to be adjusted. In combination with your content marketing strategy, we can work on setting up the overall strategy. We determine:

  • Which channels are used for which objectives
  • How these channels can be assessed
  • The right tools for launching everything

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Changes within social media networks

Over the past few years, there has been a trend towards placing all content on social media networks too. External content is regarded in second place and the priority is to share the native element. But how can you adapt to this as a company? If you have a blog, how can you publish this on Facebook directly? Do you adapt video for Facebook and Instagram or do you keep it in TV format?

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