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Search engine optimisation

SEO is the application of various optimisations and strategies in order to improve the organic 'findability' of your website. It is a strategy that OMCollective has been using and implementing with its customers for many years. A high percentage of search traffic runs via the organic results provided by search engines. If your website does not appear on the first page of the results, many visitors will miss it.

OMCollective has a team of SEO experts that were there at the birth of online marketing. That is why we know exactly how SEO works. The algorithms of the search engines are being constantly changed and this means that a professional approach is vital.

Investing in an integrated on and off-page strategy, with a trusted online marketing agency, is the most cost-effective way to create brand awareness and authority and then attract targeted visitors to your website. Search engines must constantly find synergy between on and off-page elements. Consolidating off-page efforts with on-page optimisation guarantees the confidence of your target group and search engines.

Your SEO project with OMCollective

Every branch, website and target for a company requires a customised approach. OMCollective works according to a flexible and proven framework for SEO. A framework that enables 'quick wins' to be gained and profit to be seen right from the start. This guarantees rapid and maximum growth in organic turnover. In order to gain greater insight into OMCollective's working methods, we will explain a few elements of an SEO project. If you would like an all-encompassing overview of what we could do for you, please contact us.

Managing on the basis of your company targets

Your company has growth targets. SEO, just like all online channels, should facilitate the achievement of these goals. Before an SEO project starts, OMCollective will agree with you how SEO can contribute towards realising your goals. If the goals are not completely clear, OMCollective can also work with you to clarify and define the right growth targets. Objectives will vary a great deal between companies.

We sit within a volatile online market and this means that the work and strategy for achieving these objectives must be regularly adjusted.

OMCollective will highlight the changes within the various online channels, including the SEO channel. This is vital in the roll-out and retention/maintenance of an effective and winning SEO strategy.

Some of the goals that we prioritise with our customers:

  • X% turnover growth from organic channels y.o.y. / X% growth in leads from organic channels

  • X% growth in quality leads, inherent to this is a percentage reduction in low quality leads

  • X% growth in CTR within current positions, the same positions, but more or towards targeted visitors

  • A reduction in channel-dependence by realising a larger share of turnover from organic channels

  • Optimisation of your Google Business pages for maximising online to offline attribution

  • Covering all of your market-related terms

Key word research

Google measures everything and shares these insights. This also applies to search words that are used on Google and monthly volumes. OMCollective will conduct a full keyword research for your company and your products and/or services. A thorough study and clear indication of these search terms allows work to commence on optimisation for organic channels.

Your marketing expert will combine these search terms so that there is a clear search term focus and intention for each page. This could affect an existing page or a page that has not yet been created. The monthly search volumes and current position within Google per search term will also be examined. By combining search volumes and positions, 'quick wins' and also initial focus pages can be identified.

On a regular basis, we find that waiting for a complete search term study is not the best approach for a website that offers a high number of products and services. Both you and our marketing experts are energised by results and splitting search terminvestigations into different phases is therefore often the best strategy for quickly getting your optimisation project on the right track. Put simply, waiting for a full investigation can often cost a lot of money. Together with you, we can then determine the primary focus for the study on the basis of company targets and turnover growth.

Lessons from your competition investigation

There is often a discrepancy between the competition that our customers mention and the actual competition that they have online. Your marketing expert will work with you to chart your offline and online competitors. He can then draw up a complete overview of the organic 'findability' of your brand compared to your competitors.

Gaining insights into how easily your competitors can be found offers a solid departure point for analysing why your competitor is more 'finable' than you. These insights can also be used to surpass your competitor in organic results. During the collaboration, there could be a weekly or monthly review of your brand's organic shifts and those of your competitors within the search engines.

Technical study for indexation issues

All technical recommendations from OMCollective will always be considered on the basis of a sound business case. In terms of technical optimisation, the necessary adjustments can be made until all of the tiny details have been modified. Your marketing expert will, however, always work with your developers to ascertain 'What does it cost? What will it deliver?'. Unfortunately, all too often we see huge development costs which will never be recuperated.

A technical study will be conducted to trace hindrances to indexation and for the purposes of consulting with your developer. The technical structure of particular pages or images on your website can effectively block access for Google.

Technical study of loading speed

Alongside a profit target, Google also has a target for the end-user, i.e. an optimum user-experience with regard to the use of Google products. Sending a Google user onto a slow website does not help in terms of Google's user-friendly targets.

The loading speed of your website must, of course, not only be minimised for the search engines, but also in relation to the experience of your own end-users. Optimising loading speed has a direct impact on the conversion ratio for a website. If the loading speed is already running according to the correct standards, no unnecessary adjustments will be recommended.

Top quality textual content

Search terms play a huge role in people's ability to find your website. Search term research helps us understand how your target group organises itself and identifies questions and doubts, from inspiration to the purchasing process. On the basis of earlier thoughts about SEO, we see many websites where every search term has been allocated its own page. This often goes hand-in-hand with low content quality, created exclusively for search engines. This is a completely outdated and unfeasible strategy.

OMCollective will outline an enduring content strategy that will develop alongside developments in the market. Textual content should never be written for search engines. Principally, quality content must be written for the purposes of the target group's needs. Smart optimisation for search engines so that they also understand the context, comes in second place. This is how you can outstrip your competitors in the years to come. Quality and 'findability' are the priorities in this strategy. In line with this, your content team (or our copywriter) will be provided with a customised briefing. Your marketing expert will fully supervise and guide this process, from briefing to go-live.

Alongside optimising content regarding 'standard pages', OMCollective also works with its customers on creating content marketing strategies. Content marketing is based on the idea of offering quality, complete and valuable content that users and other websites will share in the form of social media and will cite as a reference on other websites.

Turnover maximisation from meta tag

Meta tags can be divided into two important categories: the title tag and the description tag. These meta tags determine how you present yourself among your competitors within the Google results. It is the initial contact that you will have with your target group. In this setting, it is important that the textual message connects into the needs of the target group. Your marketing expert will analyse all of the meta tags within the website and, where necessary, modify them.

Meta tags encompass hidden benefits. These also often take the form of 'quick wins'. Imagine that you already have a top position on an important search term; modifying the description tag could create higher attention value. A higher attention value means a higher CTR within the already achieved positions. Small efforts with a big impact on your turnover. Your marketing expert will continuously test the meta tags against one another in order to achieve the optimum CTR from the positions you have achieved.

Get the best from structured data

Structured data is a technical supplement to your meta tag optimisation. Google thus enables you to improve your attention value and distinctive features in its organic results. These include: price information, product information, event information, company information and reviews. Every branch and product requires its own strategy for optimisation; your marketing expert will supervise and provide guidance with respect to your developer and content team.

Is your entire website indexable?

Are your pages structured logically? Do the URLs link seamlessly into the target group's search words? All incredibly important for obtaining the best results from your SEO strategy.

How does Google navigate your website? How does your internal linking impact upon the relevance of your pages in the eyes of the search engines? And what does this do with the crawl budget that is allocated to the search engines? Are your canonicals correctly regulated? There are often huge gains to be made in relation to these points.

Your marketing expert will guide you through this process and analyse your entire website for:

  • page structure
  • URLs, canonical use
  • internal linking

This results in clear advice for your developer.

Bottlenecks for multiple languages

Which countries and languages do you wish to target? Is the technical structure of your language sector hindering the indexation of the website? Are there multiple variations of your pages, which lead to value loss? Is your website's targeting per country and language set correctly for the search engines? These are also standard points that your marketing expert will investigate and correct if necessary.

Mobile challenges

It is clear that a mobile website is a vital part of every online marketing strategy. However, the implementation of mobile versions of websites or responsiveness can often be lacking. A mobile website is not only seen and experienced by your visitors; the search engines must also see and experience it.

Mobile websites can correspond to irritations for search engines. An inability to effectively index a mobile website leads to directly reduced turnover via a loss of position. Your marketing expert will go through the mobile website, research its 'findability' and ensure it is mobile-friendly. This study will lead to targeted advice that will be discussed with the developer.

Full communication

All communication runs directly via you or your employees. We will never seek direct contact with your developer. All technical or content modifications that are suggested will also be fully explained. You must be clear what input and output you can expect from these amendments. Everything will relate back to profitability, even proposed technical or content-related modifications.

Managing on results

OMCollective will provide a customised, monthly report. By customised, we mean a report that provides genuinely useful information for your company. The right insights, KPIs and targets for managing your organisation and marketing.

OMCollective also monitors all of the search terms that come up during our investigation. These are supplemented with the positional developments of your competitors. Reports will always be followed-up by the marketing expert. You will run through the results together and assess the action points.


The open and comprehensive communication process will mean that you are automatically updated about the work taking place. The work between your OMCollective marketing expert and your own employees will also be harmonised on a weekly basis so that everything is effectively streamlined. It goes without saying that all of the planned work and tasks that have been completed will be discussed in detail during the reporting meetings.

What can OMCollective do for you?

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