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Media planning and advice

Compartmentalisation is a thing of the past; the world is globalised and so are the media.

Depending on the objectives, target groups and company strategy, a customised media plan is designed, in which all media channels are tuned to one another, both online and offline.

Our partner for media buying and planning is not a media, communications or marketing bureau pure and simple, they like to call themselves media architects. They collaborate with partners who are frontrunners in their fields. That explains the term 'architect'.

How do they operate?

In 4 steps:

  • AnalysisWith a blank page and keyboard at the ready, they will listen to your objectives and expectations. The development of the media plan will be based on this design.

  • KnowledgeAfter the first conversation, they will map out the best solutions, channels and ideas, all the while keeping your schedule and budget in mind.

  • MotivationAfter approval of the plan, it is time to get to work with boundless motivation.

  • CreativityRadio campaign, online banner advertising, an event or a professional magazine? Creativity remains an important key strategy which contributes to a successful campaign.


What can we do for you?

Are you looking for support for your media planning and buying, and do you wish to connect with the appropriate partners to get your digital campaign off to a good start and achieve success? Please feel free to get in touch!

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