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Email marketing

Email marketing has evolved from the spam messages that we used to receive to the one-to-one messages that we now receive direct to our smartphones. The days of sending huge quantities of the same commercial message, hidden behind one large, illegible newsletter or via an enclosed Word document are, thankfully, (almost) behind us.

However, the high quantity of newsletters that end up in our inboxes every day means it is important to diversify. You can do this by:

  • Sending a recognisable newsletter.
  • Gaining the trust and interest of the customer with a newsletter that links into his/her needs.
  • Providing added value for the user.

Types of email marketing

We distinguish various forms of email marketing. This mainly relates to the intention of the email and the customers' expectations.

  • The first version that almost always comes up is the standard, commercial/inspiration newsletter. As indicated, this newsletter has a 100% commercial or inspirational intention.
  • We also have service mails. This could be an order confirmation or confirmation of registration. The main definition of this newsletter is providing information or confirming an action by the user.
  • As a third option, we have a mix between these two forms, i.e. campaign mails. These are automatically sent to a user when a specific condition is met. A typical example of this type of email is the birthday mail. This is triggered by a condition (it is someone's birthday today) and is sent with an informative or semi-commercial message (Happy Birthday and as a gift, we are sending you a voucher for our store).

Email design

Bear in mind that over half of the users will open the newsletter on a mobile device. Make sure that it is legible on a mobile device. The mobile device is often where the user decides whether the newsletter is worth keeping or not. It is also important to keep the design simple, with the same branding as the main brand. This creates a 'recognisability' for the user and your company's branding remains consistent.

How do you build up your database?

  • Firstly, it is very important to use existing email addresses. Perhaps your customer database or business contacts?

  • You can also conduct email address generation via your own website by, for example asking users to sign up to a newsletter. This could run via your main website but could also involve a specific action or a satellite website.

  • A 3rd form isusing Facebook apps or Twitter lead generation cards.These are ideal for obtaining email addresses from social media.

NB: in the past lists have been sold and addresses shared. Changing legislation over the past couple of years has made it increasingly difficult to do this legally. The income from this type of list is also very low and it is better to invest your budget in a smarter way in order to obtain valuable addresses.

How can you take email marketing to a higher level?

Take this checklist into account.

  • Develop an email marketing strategy. Formulate concrete action points and flows that you can work with.
  • Life-cycles: which database information do you already have and what could you do with it? How can you, for example, begin a birthday life-cycle? Or a follow-on life-cycle for subsequent orders?
  • Making choices between the various email platforms:do you want to start with email marketing or have you outgrown your current provider and need a suitable platform? Ask for advice when seeking the right provider and migrating to a new platform.
  • Design of (mobile) templates: many email templates have not moved on from when they were first created in the 'noughties', when it comes to support of html in your mails. Videos? Are not supported. Javascript? Is not supported and CSS only for certain programmes.
  • Content and sending mailings. You can do it all yourself or ask for advice. What content functions best for your sector?
  • Provide the necessary internal training.
  • Ongoing advice: stay up-to-date with the latest developments and get a second opinion with regard to email marketing? Choose a partner that takes this kind of service seriously.

Would you like to know more about our email marketing?

Would you like to know more about our email marketing and see how we could implement the right mobile marketing strategy for your company? Then please contact us.

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