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OMCollective is a full service online marketing agency driven by strategy and innovation. We believe in performance marketing that transcends the digital frameworks.

What does this mean for you?

We think out of the boxes, because your online marketing project doesn’t need a specific service, but it needs a global vision. And we are very eager to getting to know you, your company and your goals in order to create that vision together.

At OMCollective we help you to stipulate your digital marketing strategy and we can assist you with the timing and the execution of your tailor-made plan. And as an extra, we can also take care of the necessary training sessions, in house or in our offices. It all depends on your needs and goals.

Step-by-step plan


  • Kick-off meeting

    Every collaboration starts with an elaborate kick-off meeting. The project manager of OMCollective and the team that will work on the project run through the agreement and they stipulate a clear plan. This plan will form the base for the future collaboration.

  • Composing the online marketing team

    After the kick-off meeting, the plan and the provided marketing services, the online marketer is appointed to execute the project.

  • Reporting

    Reportings are made on a monthly basis and they are based on the set targets. If required and if necessary the meeting can also take place more frequently.

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