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Is link building being given the attention it deserves in your digital marketing strategy for 2017?



Irrelevant links in 2017 are the real 'villains' in your digital marketing strategy. You are better off forgetting about link networks, comment spam and other (black hat) techniques which put Google centre stage, instead of the user.

Whereas external back links used to be collected and immediately resulted in a top 5 position, this is now punished by means of a 'real-time' Google penalty. This can then lead to a huge loss in turnover. Luckily, since the Google penguin-update 4.0 this has worked in 2 directions and you can quickly recoup your page position by eliminating these links.

If you wish to boost your organic traffic, a good link building strategy is vital. Google is increasingly taking the quality and relevance of your content into account so if you capitalise on this, you can make significant leaps.

Do not focus on direct ROI

A great deal of energy is required in order to set up an effective link building strategy. For in-house marketers, it is an exceptionally difficult task. A client wants to see immediate results and this means that very little attention is paid to one of the most important ranking factors.  

Sadly, we cannot predict the impact of the hours used for this task and that is why
it is important that you pass this responsibility to someone with sufficient experience and a good understanding of the situation. It is a long-term strategy that is essential for any company aiming to expand online.

Could these 3 strategies also make a difference for you?

Strategy 1: Find the quality websites that are visited by your target audience

Which keywords do you want to score with? The initial Google results for specific search terms often flag up the ideal websites, which should be contacted in order to obtain a link. Let the website owner know that you value his enthusiasm! It is only in this way that you can obtain a valuable link in which they will gladly invest time. You earned it!

How can you show your appreciation to the webmaster?

Give them something in return. You could write an article in which you recommend their services or information. Give them a reason to do you a favour in return!


Six months ago, this website was set up about  geocaching . A platform with hints and tips for adventurers who trek across the globe hunting for 'treasures'.  Once the site was up to scratch, both technically and on-page, a link building strategy was initiated in December. We advise you to follow this order of events too. thus began its hunt for good quality, relevant websites. The website '' was one of their targets. created the page 'Open Caching' in collaboration with the webmaster of Together, they created unique content whereby both domains strengthen one another, as communication hubs, via a range of links. A win-win situation.

Don't be under any illusions, though. Obtaining links and creating personal contacts are often time-consuming tasks. Also, more authoritative sites have often already proven their unique expertise and will only link back to other sites if the opportunity is qualitatively and quantitatively appealing. So think long and hard about a suitable incentive. has now built up further relationships.

If we look at the last 90 days, thanks to the good quality links above, there has been a substantial increase in organic traffic.


There are, of course, handy tools for checking which relationships your competitors have built up. Read more about a few handy SEO link building tools that we can recommend.


Strategy 2: Restore broken links on relevant websites!

If you analyse the websites from which you'd like to be linked in more depth, you may find that some of these links are broken.

Broken links?

These are primarily older articles with external backlinks to content that is no longer available. The website may have been taken offline or the URL structure has perhaps been updated without a redirection to the new URLs. On the basis of 404 http status codes , you can find out which pages are no longer active. These status codes can be requested using a tool, such as 'screaming frog'.

Seize your chance to update the website owner about this situation and ask for the link to be restored to the relevant content on your site! Another win-win.

Once these types of link have been identified and replaced, you can use a handy link building tool to scan all locations where this broken link is still in existence and then replace it.

In other words, build a link with the webmaster.  Not everyone will be eager to create a link to your website. You must create added value.


Strategy 3: Create content that people will want to share - Give them a reason!

'Write for your customer. Not for Google!'

Never write for Google; always for your customer. Every customer is unique and wants to be treated as such. So do as they want. Be creative and innovative. Be persuasive and sell yourself.

Create added value for websites that could offer you a direct advantage. Be an expert and inspire!

Good content will be shared. No sooner said, than done!



Need inspiration or tips?

Maybe you have tons of ideas but have no idea how to put them into practice? Then why not contact a  passionate online marketing agency bureau like ours? We're eager to  help our clients. 





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