OMCollective is a full service online marketing agency driven by strategy and innovation. We believe in performance marketing that transcends the digital frameworks. Our power lies in coming up with, elaborating and implementing strategies that deliver tangible results. Close collaboration with our customers facilitates the creation of a sustainable partnership, with parties united by the same ambition and goals.

We aim to create a sustainable partnership with our customers

We maintain relationships for the long term. Not through watertight contracts to which you are bound, but based on ongoing successes that build upon one another. Because, at the end of the day, the better we know you, the more we can do for you.

At Alpha Heating, we consciously refer to a partnership with OMCollective. One which is based on tailored advice and mutual trust. Agreements and expectations are also always fulfilled. And that is what we look for when we enter into a long-term partnership.

- Kim De Hondt
| Sales & Marketing Manager Alpha Heating
OMCollective and more specific, my single point of contact Robrecht, thinks along, on a short and long-term base. And if we do have a problem, we can always count on them to fix the problem very efficiently.
- Noël Nickmans
| Zaakvoerder Belisol Veranda’s

For Europabank, cooperation is a very important element to enter into a lasting partner relationship. With OMCollective, we have found the ideal digital partner. We will jointly develop concepts and plans to manage and optimise our digital campaigns.

- Amaury Rooselaer
| Marketing Director Europabank
The boys and girls of OMCollective summed up in a few words: crazy about the internet!
They always share the latest Google Insights. They are a top partner for our strategic online marketing and we get the necessary strong results.
- Ann Van Gysegem
| Marketing & Communication Manager DOCKX GROUP
Alpha Heating
Belisol veranda's
Dockx Group

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